Love Beets Takes Off

Love Beets pack

OneHarvest has introduced Australians to a line of vacuum packed, ready-to-eat, fresh baby beetroot called LOVE BEETS. Peeled and freshly cooked in their own juices, with no added sugar or salt, LOVE BEETS are ready to be eaten as they are or to use in a salad, on a burger, or as the base of a fresh and healthy dip or juice.

They are available in the fresh food section at over 1400 stores across Australia, including leading supermarkets and greengrocers.

Marketing Manager for Love Beets, Helen Warren, said that Australians love beetroot, and the value of the canned market is approximately $43 million per year. “However the fresh beetroot market is still a relatively small market,” she said.

“Our research shows us that people love the taste of fresh beetroot and they want to cook with it, inspired by the recipes they are seeing in food magazines, and the dishes they are seeing in cafes, restaurants and on cooking shows. But they don’t know how to prepare or cook it; find it messy and just too hard. LOVE BEETS solves all of those problems for them – it is convenient, easy and no-mess.”

Ms Warren said that retailers had embraced the product and were really excited by its potential.
“At this early stage, we are easily surpassing our sales predictions and consumers have responded really favourably to the product,” she said.

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