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Harvest FreshCuts

  • FreshCuts
  • Harvest FreshCuts is the packaged leafy salad, prepared deli salad and beetroot business within the OneHarvest family.

    We run a seamless operation that covers all aspects of the supply chain from the growing and rigorous quality control of our ingredients, right through to processing and packaging in purpose-built plants in Brisbane, Bairnsdale (Victoria), Sydney and Perth. We employ over 800 people and work with both our own growers and in partnership with more than 50 contracted growers all over Australia. We sell to major retailers, independent supermarkets and greengrocers.   



  • HarvestFarms
  • Harvest Farms is the business’s leafy salad growing operation in Richmond, Tasmania, which focuses on spinach, rocket and lettuce, the principal ingredients in our packaged salads.

    These crops supplement those grown by more than 50 contracted growers all over Australia and help spread our risk of production.

    South-east Tasmania provides the ideal climate as it does not suffer the very high temperatures and other agronomic impacts experienced on the mainland at certain times of the year that can reduce crop yield.

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