Sam Clemente

Western Australia

Sam is a third generation farmer. He started helping his dad on the farm from around the age of 12 and by the time he left school, had so impressed his old man that he was put in charge. Sam has a goal of growing the best quality baby leaf, all year round. On his farm the day starts at 5.00 am – sometimes earlier. He harvests at that time to avoid the heat later in the day. The babyleaf is immediately refrigerated to guarantee freshness and packed within hours of leaving the fields.

As part of the green generation, sustainable farming is very important to Sam. “We’re always looking for ways to farm without using chemicals, yet still provide an insect-free product,” he said. “We’re currently looking at harvesters that keep the balance between ecology and modern farming, as well as researching ways to save water.”

At a Glance

  • Crop: Baby leaf
  • Location: Western Fresh, Western Australia
  • OneHarvest grower since: 2009

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