What We Grow, Make and Market



What we grow


On a farm in Richmond, south-east Tasmania, we grow 'baby leaf' spinach, rocket and lettuce, which are the principal ingredients in our packaged salad products.  These crops supplement those grown for OneHarvest by more than 50 contracted growers all over Australia and help spread our risk of production.

WHAT WE MAKE What we make

Our four factories in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Bairnsdale make a variety of salad bags, kits and bowls , value-added vegetables, prepared deli salads and beetroot products. All of our product ranges share the common element of top quality produce, fresh from the farm.

Understanding our consumer is at the core of our daily activities- driving our exceptional quality and production standards, category management and marketing plans, as well as new product development directions.


We have a longstanding reputation as a creative and innovative produce marketing business.  

We use market insights and consumer research to thoroughly understand consumers’ consumption patterns and buying behaviour and our fabulous marketing teams develop tailored strategies and campaigns that deliver exciting products to our consumers.

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