Creativity & Innovation

One Harvest has been at the forefront of produce industry innovation since our humble beginnings in the early 1930’s. We have a longstanding reputation as a creative and innovative produce marketing business. Our ongoing commitment to delivering fresh produce is supported by an innovative, experienced and capable team. Using widely gathered marketing insights and research to thoroughly understand consumers’ consumption patterns and buying behaviours, we develop tailored strategies and products to deliver healthy, convenient and tasty food to our consumers, every day.

Packaging Innovation

While plastic has given us the opportunity to create new and innovative products and recipes for our customers that can stay fresh for days longer than before, it doesn’t mean that we are stopping there. Like you, we are genuinely concerned about the impact of plastic on our planet. We continue to work with suppliers and research partners to find new packaging solutions that meet food safety and quality standards.

Revolutionising Australian Produce

One Harvest is revolutionising the way Australians eat produce with our range of fresh-cooked vegetables. Love Beets was launched into Australia in 2013, with great success.


Ready-to-eat baby beetroots with absolutely nothing added. These babies give you the taste and convenience of cooked beetroot, without the work.

Visit the Love Beets website for more information.