Our commitment to sustainability

We are dedicated to our purpose in helping Australians live better lives. Our approach to sustainability means ensuring long-term business success and resilience whilst positively contributing toward people, our planet and our economy.


Reducing plastic, minimising food waste and ensuring food safety through best practice packaging is a key priority. We are continuing to innovate and find alternatives to our current packaging solutions in order to increase recycled content and reduce land fill waste.

Key Initiatives include:

  • New packaging development
  • Increasing the recyclable content of our packaging
  • Minisiming instore product wastage through in house technologies that increase a products shelf life.

Food Waste

One Harvest recognises that fighting food waste and helping food vulnerable Australians is key to strengthening our communities. We have made strong progress to date and continue to implement strategies across our supply chain, through our raw material yields and shelf life in order to reduce food waste.

Key Initiatives include:

  • Implementing optimal growing and post-harvest practices to reduce quality defects
  • Reducing wastage through improved forecasting mechanisms from farm through to store
  • Inhouse technology development to reduce product wastage through increased shelf life
  • Ensuring any food that hasn’t made its way to the supermarket shelf and is still fit for consumption is donated to our food rescue partners

Increasing our Community Impact

We are committed to helping not only our people, but helping people of our community lead healthy and happy lives. Since 2020, we have been working together with Multicap to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities and provide meaningful working opportunities through employment and training.

Key Initiatives include:

  • Opening of Laundry facilities whereby Multicap deliver commercially equivalent clean, BRC compliant clothing to our Wacol site
  • A National Service centre operating out of Multicap’s Brisbane office to support the customer ordering process


We understand the effects of climate change to our planet and are dedicated to reducing our direct emissions from farm to fork. We are consistently developing strategies to reduce water and power per unit sold, reduce fertilizer and pesticides used on farm as well as reduce food miles within the supply chain.

Key Initiatives include:

  • Farming and processing efficiencies
  • Forecasting accuracy and inventory models
  • Reducing over-production to replace waste

Respecting Human Rights

We are collaborating with our suppliers, customers, and other relevant stakeholders to promote ethical practices and assist in minimising the risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chain. We recognise the importance of building and maintaining strong partnerships with our Suppliers and are an integral part of our business, helping us ensure that not only through our products but also through our day-to-day operations, we are supporting a better life for all.


Key Initiatives Include:

  • We are proud to have published our first Modern Slavery Statement in accordance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018.
  • Directly linked to the success of this is an expectation that our Suppliers hold a joint commitment to conduct business with integrity, honesty and in compliance with the law.
  • One Harvest expects that as providers of products or services, all Suppliers will demonstrate and uphold our values, respect the rights of all people, and uphold human rights in their business operations.