Desley’s Passion for Organics

Last week we got the chance to visit Desley Jackwitz at Wilamay Farms, in the Lockyer Valley QLD, who is one of our key organic baby leaf growers.

Desley’s interest in organics began as a learning opportunity – it was so different to the conventional way of farming she’d known and loved for years. Farming is challenging in itself, and organic farming can be especially tough at times, but Desley began to realise that the learnings used from nurturing their organic crops was transferrable into their conventional lines, increasing crop yields and improving product quality. The technology utilized in the modern organic produce industry is something Desley says would really surprise consumers and she believes it’s an industry to get behind.

Desley began her farming journey in a seedling nursery back in 1993, expanding into vegetable crops in 1997 and then into baby leaf in 2007. Wilamay Farms has been supplying One Harvest with baby leaf and vegetables for more than a decade and has grown to become one of our key grower partners. As a partnership, Wilamay Farms and One Harvest have grown and developed farming practices and produce varieties to assure supply of a large variety of fresh cut salads and vegetables to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Metcash stores across the east coast of Australia.

Seeing the consumer demand increase for natural, authentic and organically grown food and produce, Desley and the team began their journey into becoming an accredited organic grower back in early 2016.

Organics are amazing in that, some of the most simple and natural products can help to grow a quality crop, not to mention the flavour is awesome! – Desley Jackwitz.

Although farming can be a challenge, Desley loves the rewards it offers – being outside, watching her crops grow, and knowing that she’s helping to feed great quality produce to Aussie’s every day. Wilamay Farms is supported by a hardworking team who share the same love and passion that she does for supplying the nation with nutritious and delicious produce, no matter the conditions or challenges.

The Australian Organic Market Report 2019 showed that the overall number of households saying they had purchased at least one organic product in 2018 had increased to 65%. With more shoppers buying organics more often, Desley and the team at Wilamay Farms are ready to continue growing their supply of high quality, fresh organic salads to Aussie consumers.