Tammy encourages you to take the taste test and buy some organic today

In the heart of the Lockyer Valley QLD, Tammy and Dave from Black Crow Organics took the plunge into converting their farm to 100% organic over 16 years ago. Despite the challenges organic farming can bring the end result of their vegetables are filled with flavour, nutrition and love.  Although both are fourth generation growers, it wasn’t until they had their first daughter who was born premature at 22 weeks when they decided to make the change from conventional to organics.

With their daughter weighing in at just a kilo, Tammy and Dave took a holistic approach to both their own health and that of their newborn by taking the steps to develop a cleaner farm and environment for all. The transition to becoming fully certified organic growers took 3 years, and since then the team at Black Crow Organics have worked hard to fine tune their organic methods, crop yields and quality.

Black Crow Organics supply One Harvest with organic cabbage used in products made for major retailers, Coles and Woolworths, and are well known within the industry for their potatoes, broccoli and other vegetable lines. Tammy encourages consumers to take the taste test between organic and conventional lines, ‘You’ll notice the difference’.

Although the lifestyle is tough and at times Mother Nature can bring challenges, Tammy and Dave both share a passion for growing natural, authentic and organic produce that consumers can enjoy with their families around the dinner table.

The work that goes into delivering quality produce is much more than just growing the plant itself – a healthy plant needs healthy soil and that means nurturing their land well before seedlings are planted. The love and care that Black Crow Organics put into their soil health is reflected in their delicious and nutritious produce.

Tammy and Dave are extremely proud of their high quality organic food that so many Australian’s enjoy each and every day! ‘There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting down for a meal and knowing you and your team have grown this’, says Tammy.


With the organic industry growing as whole, the team at Black Crow Organics are committed to delivering Aussie families with the very same high quality and tasty produce they serve to their family every day.