How to keep your leafy greens fresh

It’s great to be able to use your bag of leafy greens for multiple meals. Here are a few tips to ensure your leafy greens stay fresh so you can enjoy your greens at their best, every time.

1. Sealed bag with air in it

It might sound strange, air is usually the thing we want to avoid letting in when trying to keep things fresh. But this isn’t just any air… Place your greens into a soft plastic bag and then breath a puff of air into it, before quickly sealing it with a knot or bag clip.

By breathing into it, you’re filling the bag with carbon dioxide, which plants thrive off, and thus helping them to stay fresh!

2. Wrapped in paper towel in a plastic bag

The trick to keeping your leafy greens fresh is ensuring they are dry at all times. Even though you might wash and dry your leafy greens before storing them, greens are filled with water, so after time the water will start to escape and thus they become wilted.

To eliminate as much moisture as possible, wrap your greens tightly in paper towel and then place in a plastic bag with all of the air drawn out. This creates a sterile, dry environment for the leafy greens to prosper.

3. Wrapped in paper towel in an airtight container

This method might sound the same as method 2. BUT it is far superior. It can be very difficult to keep air out of plastic bags, as they easily rip and are made of slightly permeable material. The solution? Use an airtight plastic container or glass jar instead.

This method also makes it much easier to grab out a handful of leaves for your lunch, dinner or snack. Simply line the airtight container with paper towel. Thoroughly dry your leaves then place into the container. Cover with another piece of paper towel and seal with the lid.

4. Soak and dry to revive wilted greens

OneHarvest greens are washed before being packed for your convenience. But, if your greens have wilted slightly from the cold temperature of your fridge you can revive them ready to add to a fresh salad.

To revive wilted greens soak your leaves in ice cold water. Then spread them out on a clean tea towel or paper towel and dry them completely.

While all of these methods help to extend the life of your greens there are ways to help them even more. It’s a good idea to sort through your leaves and pick out any bruised leaves. These are still fine to eat! You can freeze them and add them a smoothie. But bruised leaves produce ethylene, which as with all fruit and vegetables quickens the ‘ripening’ or wasting of the fruits and vegetables around it.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to perfectly store your leafy greens.