Love Beets doubles shelf life and introduces marinated beetroot flavours

Our Love Beets Australia brand has extended their range of premium, ready to eat beetroot with an innovative range of marinated beetroot in new resealable packaging – lengthening shelf life and reducing food waste from farms through to households.

“Our value added beetroot products will improve crop yields and reduce food waste in the supply chain as we’re able to utilise a wider spectrum of sized, shaped and scarred beetroot that wouldn’t be suitable for retail sale. Through improved crop utilisation we are able to look past the external appearance of the product and use perfectly edible, fresh produce to make our product,” says Louise Pavihi, Head of Cooked Fresh at One Harvest.

From September 2020, Love Beets marinated beetroot production will utilise a new technology allowing for longer shelf-life both before and after opening. With confirmed 6 month shelf life from harvest, helping fresh produce last longer allows for better stock control and reduced wastage for supermarkets. The addition of the resealable packaging feature makes for simple storage for multiple usages – greatly reducing food waste in the home.

Improving consumers’ shopping and eating experience is a major priority for One Harvest and underpins the company strategy and day to day operations. Consumer data and industry trends shows that Australians are looking for more from their vegetables – greater convenience, greater nutrition, greater flavour, without compromising on highly valued freshness or sustainability. Tailoring convenient, fresh produce products aligning with consumers’ needs is something the One Harvest team is extremely proud of.

As a part of a global Love Beets brand network, One Harvest partners with G’s Global and Love Beets US to share consumer insights, technology and innovation developments to advance the brand and product offers, internationally.

The traditional Love Beets Baby Beetroot offer has strong endorsement from its loyal base of premium shoppers for its ease of use and great flavour. With two new flavours launching; Chilli and Balsamic Love Beets will save the time, mess and fuss of preparing beetroot at home, while adding a tasty flavour infusion to any meal click here to find recipe ideas.

Each recipe has been carefully constructed and tweaked to perfection. Chilli Love Beets spices up the earthy flavour of beetroot with a mild heat that’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Balsamic Love Beets, are true to the popular combination of balsamic vinegar and sweet beets, perfectly lending themselves to fresh salads, gourmet tarts or hearty roasting veggies.

The brand new range can be found in Harris Farm Markets, as well as select Green Grocers, Drakes and IGAs, next to salad leaf in the fresh produce fridges!

One Harvest and Love Beets Australia take pride in knowing our processes and practices are simple, authentic and homegrown. Its real food straight from Aussie farms with a delicious burst of flavour. The kind of food you feel good about eating!